Shining Bright Futures

“Shining Bright Futures is committed to providing opportunities to help you become the best version of yourself”

Shining Bright Futures is a non-profitable organisation based in the West Midlands. Our aim is to provide a service to support the needs of local communities and provide the necessary tools for people to unlock their full potential. We work alongside local professionals to deliver projects that empower and support individuals with their integration back into the wider community. We have a dedicated team made up from both public and private sectors which enables us to maximise our delivery potential and draw upon our experiences in education and public service.

To ensure we maximise the impact with our partners we have identified three key areas within the organisation that we believe will help deliver our mission statement.

Personal Development

We aim to work with people of all ages and provide them with the necessary social skills and virtues to improve future career prospects. We endeavour to build healthy relationships with vulnerable groups to help improve self-esteem and protect well-being.


We aim to support education providers with the following:

Community Support

We will offer local community groups the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences and target vulnerable groups through re-integration programmes that could improve well-being and employability skills.

Core values

Shining bright futures prides itself on the following core values:

Support: We strive to be supportive and provide opportunities to become the best you can be

Intrusion: We do not discriminate and are proactive at offering equal opportunities at all levels

Kindess: We care about people and listen to them

Celebrate: We appreciate and showcase success at all levels

Empowerment: We provide opportunity for people to demonstrate their qualities.

If you wish to join shining bright futures please contact the office:

Contact us:

Shining Bright Futures
24 The Courtyard,
Gorsey Lane,
B46 1JA

Coleshill Office: 0121 796 0990
Coventry Office: 02477 710 749